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LELO TIANI 2 G-Spot Stimulation Wireless Massager (Elegant Black)

SKU: 5942-643-649

Weight: 350 gram

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LELO TIANI 2 G-Spot Stimulation Wireless Massager (Elegant Black)

SKU: 5942-643-649

Weight: 350 gram

Regular Price: RM695.00

Special Price RM649.00

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The status of LELO: the LV in the sex toy market
After 7 years of extensive development, LELO has advanced the boundary of sex toy product and become a world class luxury premium. LELO established the golden shell luxury vibrator series – LUXE. The product immediately becomes a hit among the upper class market. During 2009, LELO “LUXE” even played their film in 62nd Cannes film festival. In the film festival, LELO features their 4 handmade 18k gold product. LELO became the central discussion topic among European women. It has then created a brand status that as premium as Louis Vuitton.















Price: RM649.00
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Product Name: Swedish LELO TIANI 2 (Elegant Black)
Product Reference No.: 5942-643-649

The unique design of TIANI™ is certainly an artistic production. It provides the couples with surprises in their love making. The advanced technology is a combination of wireless and motion through a remote. Just gently move your hand and it will vibrate as your wish. Even more exciting is that when TIANI stimulates the clitoral and vagina, it allows man to insert into the vagina at the same time to enjoy the stimulation together.  It is definitely an extraordinary experience! TIANI has followed the waterproof features of Insignia series. The elegance and luxury design as well as smooth and durable texture will certainly bring much more comfort to the couple and turn the delightful moment become much wilder!

Finish:   Matte Silicone/Shiny ABS Plastic
Size:   84X42X28mm
Weight:  36g
Battery:  Li-Lon 70mAh 3.7V
Charging:  2 h at 5.0 V70 mA
User Time:  1 hrs (Tiani™) 10 hrs (controller)
Standby:  90 days
Frequency:  180Hz
Max Noise Level: <50dB
Made in Sweden

2 types of motion control and 6 vibration mode
1. Motion Control (First in the world): Let controller no longer required button, bring extraordinary foreplay between spouses. Just press on the middle button to change to motion.
First mode: When the controller is in standing position it will become stronger and when it is laying down it would become weaker.
`Second mode: When controller swings faster the vibration will get stronger. When the controller stop the vibration will stop too.

2. 6 types of vibration mode and 6 types of vibration frequency, simply press on the middle button to change it.
Controller features:
This controller requires two number 7 battery but not rechargeable. TIANI is rechargeable, simply recharge it for 2 hours and it will bring 2 hours of fun.

The controller and TIANI would synchronize together. Once the opposite party vibrates, you will feel it. It can also massage breast and synchronize the stimulation.

First method:
Place TIANI in the vagina, turn on the switch. On the other hand, controller can be used to synchronize stimulating the breast, ear lope and other sensitive spot.

Second method:
Simply insert TIANI in the vagina and the man can hold the controller and turn on the switch. Just change it to motion mode and you will be controlled by him totally. Enjoy his performance and let him freely control your pleasure.
Cleaning Method:
Clean it with water and disinfectant it with medical grade alcohol.

1. Required fully charged when first time using.
2. Do not use lubricant that contain silicone oil, silicone oil lubricant will damage silicone product. Please use soluble lubricant instead.

[The distinction between LELO and the other lower quality sex toy]
LELO product
Premium standard: Medical grade silicone material. Safe, non-toxic, odorless, comply with European CE (safety, hygiene, environmental friendly and consumer protection certification), RoHS (hazard component in electronic, electronic equipment certification) and US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standard.
Lower quality sex toy
Unable to identify safety standard certification, non-silicone material, contain toxic ingredient, pungent odor and might cause inflammation in private part due to long term using. (Note: currently, silicone is the material that most suitable for body usage)

Comfortable and versatile usage: consistent vibration and is adjustable from gentle to strong. The precision in fulfilling your desire is perfect. Variety of vibration mode. It contains continuous vibration as well as periodical vibration options to bring you different experiences. Frequency and modes button are all individually control which become an interesting experience.
Low quality product
Vibration strength is weaker and not comfortable. The vibration strength is weaker hence it cannot fulfill your need when it is the important timing. Sometimes it is too strong that it does not allow you to feel the sensation slowly.

Quality guaranteed. Quality of LELO product has met more than 99.9% standard. In normal circumstances, the product can be used for more than 2 years and it is very rare in the market to have product that has 1 year warranty.
Low quality product
quality does not meet 90% of the standard. There would even be defect such as unable to vibrate, connectivity problem and the malfunction of the switch and etc. Normally the life expectance of the product would be 10 – 30 times using only.

Exquisite design, trendy, elegance, practical and simple
Low quality product
badly make, might even injured the skin, copy product design without originality

Low noise design. The noise that the motor produced is lower than the whisper. It certainly guarantees your private life.
Lower quality product
Loud noise, might embarrass customer in occasion.

Cleaning, maintenance and safety
Under carefully use and maintenance, your LELO product will be able to last for very long time.
LELO advices customer not to use any lubricant that is silicone base as it will damage the surface of LELO product that made out of silicone. If you intended to use lubricant that is silicone base, please just examine it locally. Durable lubricant is still the ideal option.

Please clean it before and after use. Clean the product with warm water and antibacterial soap and rinse it with warm water. Use dry towel to wipe it till dry at the end.
Please avoid using massage oil or hand lotion as lubricant or any cleaning agent that contain alcohol, petroleum or acetone.
Avoid expose to direct sunlight and high temperature.
Keep it away from dust and any other substance.

Notice: We are Malaysia regional representative, we have a strong after-sales services, for all LELO products quality problems, you may visit LELO official website ( manufacturers to get direct warranty, warranty certificate must be provided, otherwise it will affect the process of warranty. LELO provides warranty for six months, please reassure to buy!     

Notice 2: If you think that procedure shown above is troublesome (get warranty from official website), you may send it back to us for the repair but we provide warranty for a month only. We will do our best to repair but if we failed, we will send a new one to you, exchange 1 on 1.                               
Conditions: No water can be found inside of the product (this product is proven water resistant), none of any damages and defects on surface can be found which caused by product dropped or hit by physical objects, we will definitely provide warranty and repair as long it is a manufacture defective product.    

Tips: Those who claim that they are Lelo agents without detailsdetailed pictures and explanations like us are most probably selling imitation, selling in original products price but Non-original products! We have a security code system forour customers on the Internet (www.zh-cn.lelo.comto verify the product that you bought is original, there is none of any sextoy website have this feature provided to their clients,currently we are the only sex toy ecommerce providing this feature to our valued customers . (For any details please view from pictures abovelook at the verification instructions)                                    
What is the security code?                                    
Security code is to verify that you are buying original or imitation productsmanufacturer will paste a "Passcode" note paper on the products box. Please log in to the website below to verify.       
Asian official website:  



Origin of LELO: A gift for fashionable women
Back in 2003 when industrial designer and co-founder Eric Kalén went looking for a fortieth birthday present for a woman who had everything. They decided to buy a sex toy for her but they simply could not find a company or a product represented that had any sort of design aesthetic, or a sense of quality or functionality. After extensive research elsewhere - including what was available online - they realized there was a demand that was not being catered to. At the end,  Kalén, fellow designer Carl Magnuson, and engineer Filip Sedic founded LELO together, Their objective is to develop extraordinary, fashionable and romantic sex toy.

The status of LELO: the LV in the sex toy market
After 7 years of extensive development, LELO has advanced the boundary of sex toy product and become a world class luxury premium. LELO established the golden shell luxury vibrator series – LUXE. The product immediately becomes a hit among the upper class market. During 2009, LELO “LUXE” even played their film in 62nd Cannes film festival. In the film festival, LELO features their 4 handmade 18k gold product. LELO became the central discussion topic among European women. It has then created a brand status that as premium as Louis Vuitton.

LELO belief: High Quality and High Positioning
The core belief of LELO design has started from refusing low quality material that traditional sex toy made of and vibrating motor. All of the LELO products are made of premium material and aesthetic design. These have turn LELO product into an aesthetic and practical sex toy that fulfill the need of the consumers. It also combines with fashion, feminine, engineering and design elements.


Brand Story

LELO is a sex toy product from Sweden. The company brand and the product design have well complemented each other. From fashion to aesthetic inspired design, our products have carried out image that casual yet elegance. This distinctive objective has created a new trend in the traditional sex toy market and giving consumer a high quality option to choose from. Our objective is to fulfill the demand for high quality and complete sex as well as can be used as an accessory hence it has become the toy that played among couples intimately.

LELO is recognised as the company behind the world’s best pleasure objects, but it all started back in 2003 when three friends – engineer Filip Sedic and industrial designers Eric Kalén and Carl Magnuson – went looking for a fortieth birthday present for a married woman who had everything.
“We decided to buy a sex toy and went to a sex shop in Sweden; we simply could not believe that there was neither a company or a product represented that had any sort of design aesthetic, or a sense of quality or functionality. After extensive research elsewhere – including what was available online – we realized there was a demand that was not being catered to.” Design and engineering of the highest quality are always a given with LELO products, because LELO"s truest passion is for giving pleasure.

The trio of Sedic, Kalén, and Magnuson founded LELO shortly after, with the goal of creating sex toys of better design, function, and quality than any on the market; after extensive research, the company produced the iconic shapes of LILY and NEA. At the heart of these designs – and the goal of every subsequent LELO product – was a rejection of the cheap plastic buzzers and substitute phalluses that made up the market of traditional sex toys. Instead, LELO products followed contours inspired by the female form, and were manufactured with the highest quality materials and engineering.

After prototyping it was clear that this new, high-quality approach to sexual gratification was going to redefine the sex toy market – or even redefine the category altogether. So radical was the difference that the LELO team decided to create their own category: Pleasure Objects. LELO pleasure objects would also make themselves more appealing by only using medical grade materials, while all motor-driven pleasure objects would be fully rechargeable, removing the need for batteries, and easily tailored to an individual’s desire through LELO’s simple and intuitive user interface.

At the time, it went against the grain to insist on the highest quality research, design, and manufacturing standards, as cutting such corners kept costs and retail prices low. What was soon apparent, however, was exactly what the founders had predicted: a discerning, design-conscious, and dedicated clientèle responded with incredible enthusiasm to the LELO approach. Today, LELO prides itself on what it can provide beyond the inspiring and creative designs: it is equally driven by an obsession with quality and standard. Every component is tested and retested, every product is 100% quality assured, every piece of lettering or packaging is only to the highest standards. And (where possible) bio-degradable packaging materials are being used to build on the environmental benefits of their rechargeable battery systems. All products are non-toxic, phthalate-free, and comply with CE and RoHs standards.



价钱 : Rm649.00                
商品名 :瑞典LELO Tiani蒂阿妮 雅典黑2代                
商品货号: 5942-643-649               
蒂 阿妮™ TIANI™ 独特的设计堪称是情趣用品中里程碑式的艺术品,它为伴侣双方的闺房之乐增添了更多的花样玩法。领先的无线遥控和体感互动技术的结合,手轻轻一晃便能将震动 模式变成您的渴望。更令人兴奋的是,当用蒂阿妮TIANI双向刺激女性阴蒂和阴道时,男性也可以一起进入女性的私密处与伴侣共享蒂阿妮TIANI的超凡共 震感受,可谓是愉悦三重奏!TIANI蒂阿妮同样继承了Insignia系列全防水特性,优雅奢华的设计和光滑柔韧的触感为情侣双方带来绝对舒适,让彼此 的愉悦时光变得更加狂野和美好。                
材质: 安全硅胶,ABS                
尺寸:84 X 42 X 28mm                
最大噪音量: 低于50分贝

1. 第一次充电时,必须充满后再开始使用。                
2. 不要使用硅油类润滑液,硅油类润滑液会腐蚀硅胶类产品。如果需要使用润滑液,请使用水溶性的。                


保养说明 :                

本店获得马来西亚区域代理权,有强大的售后服务,所有LELO产品一旦出现质量 问题情况,可以到官方网站(直接和厂家退换,亲们请务必把里面的合格证等资料保管好,否则会影响售后哦。保修半年,请亲们放心 购买!                                            

友情提示 :
那些自称是LELO的代理商而又没有象我们的详细图片和解说那么细节的都大多是卖假货,便宜货当贵货卖!我们有电码防伪的系统也公开给我们的客户们上网 ( 查询你受到货的产品号码是真或是假货,其他马来西亚网站都没有哦。(详细请到会以上图片看怎样上网查找)                                            

如果亲们不要那么麻烦直接到( 保修的话,我们可以保修,但只能保修一个月。可以修我们会尽量修,不能修我们换一个新的给你1对1。                                            


亚洲官方网站 :   

2003 年的某一天,瑞典设计师埃里克(Eric Kalén)想为某个已婚女性朋友挑选生日礼物。他想去瑞典的情趣用品店买一个性玩具送给她,但是却无法找到一家公司或者产品,能够既有很时尚的设计,又 有很好的质量或很强的功能。在找遍了所有商店包括网上商店之后,他发现:这是一个有待开发的市场。于是,埃里克和设计师卡尔(Carl Magnuson)和工程师飞利浦(Filip Sedic)一起创办了LELO公司,他们的目标是开发出前所未有的、时尚浪漫的情趣玩具。                
经 过7年发展,LELO已经超越了成人用品的范畴,成为世界级奢侈品牌。LELO推出了黄金外壳的奢华振动器系列——LUXE——迅速占领高端市场,被上流 人士津津乐道。“LUXE”系列短片,应邀在2009年第62届法国嘎纳电影节红地毯上进行放映。同时在电影节上,LELO还展示了4个手工18K金的产 品。LELO被欧美女性谈论的频率,丝毫不低于著名品牌Louis Vuitton。                
LELO 产品设计的核心理念是从一开始就拒绝采用传统性玩具中劣质的塑料材质和振动马达,LELO所有的产品均选用最优质的材料和最优化的内部设计。 这使LELO的产品既符合大众审美又极具实用性,同时融合时尚、女性、工程学和设计的元素。犹如消费者一见如故的密友,并与他(她)?且黄疳溽嘤谑鄙蟹绯 保蚕砩罾秩ぃ盟ㄋ┟峭蚁硎芤蝗嘶蚨耸澜绲奈蘧±秩ぁ?                
LELO——来自瑞典的情趣用品品牌,以其独特的设计理念和品牌效应独树一帜。从时尚和美感激发設計灵感,使我们的情趣用品无一不折射着简约又极具感官性的高贵气 息。迎合前卫潮流的到来,LELO为传统的情趣用品市场提供了一个高品质的选择,也为之吹起了一股春风。我们的宗旨是取悦那些注重高品质完整性爱的同时又 着重设计感的现代女性和她们的伴侣们。随着感官和功能的渗透,它们可以像配件首饰一样被频繁使用,并成为爱侣们享受**时不可或缺的亲密伴侣。                
作为世界上最畅销的情趣用品品牌,LELO的起源还得追溯到2003年。某天,创办人之一兼设计师Eric Kalén要为某个衣食无忧的已婚女性朋友挑选生日礼物。                
LELO最初由Kalén,设计师Carl Magnuson和工程师Filip Sedic一起创办,他们不久便研发出了LELO的经典产品——LILY和NEA。LELO产品设计的核心理念是从一开始就拒绝采用传统性玩具中劣质的塑料材质和振动器,我们所有产品均选用最优质的材料和最优化的内部设计。                
产 品上市后,很明显,这种新的高品质的性满足方式将重新定义性玩具市场-甚至可说是完全颠覆整个品类。如此巨大的差异以至于LELO团队决定独创一种新的市 场类别,即情趣用品。LELO的情趣用品是可充电的,因此完全不需要电池;每一件LELO情趣用品都是用医学安全材料制作,予人无害;所有电子情趣用品的 操作都非常简单。                
起初,创始人对于坚持高品质,高端设计和维持高的生产水准有着相异的看法,因为其他方式可以降低生产成本和价格。但事实很快就证实了公司创始人的预期:一个有识别力、设计鉴赏力和全心奉献的定位, 销售以惊人的增长回报了LELO。 今天,LELO对于自身能够提供卓越的创意设计而深深自豪;这同样来自于一种对于品质的执着追求。每一个部件都经过反复的测试,每一件产品都100%保证 质量,每一封邮件和每一件包装都是最高的品质。同时为了环境的和谐,我们尽可能的开始使用生物降解材料来封装我们的可充电电池系统。所有的产品都是无毒无 害的,而且均符合CE和RoHS标准                

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