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Dimi vagina training bead


Weight: 0 gram

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Dimi vagina training bead


Weight: 0 gram


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Feature of the magic beads:
Vagina training: Contract vagina, moisture and add pleasure between couples
Moisturizing: Moist vagina wall and recover its moist so that you’ll feel better during sex
Maintain vagina: Enhance muscles elastic and improve the sensitivity for better orgasm
Vagina enhancing: Recover firmness and anti-aging for a truly woman





Price: RM35.00 Single Beads / Rm48.00 Double Beads
Ready stock

Product name: Dimi vagina training bead
Product code:
Single bead [Suits first-time user]~ 5011-14-35
Double beads [Suit intermediate user]~ 5012-22-48

Feature of the magic beads:
Vagina training: Contract vagina, moisture and add pleasure between couples
Moisturizing: Moist vagina wall and recover its moist so that you’ll feel better during sex
Maintain vagina: Enhance muscles elastic and improve the sensitivity for better orgasm
Vagina enhancing: Recover firmness and anti-aging for a truly woman

Why there is single bead (for beginner) and double beads (for upgrade training)?
This is because single bead is for first time user to adapt the bead into vagina and then upgrade to two beads for easy adaption. We recommend you to purchase single and double beads together.

How to use the bead?
Using the vagina training bead is very simple, apply lubricant onto the bead and insert it into vagina. You may operate normal daily activities such as working, jogging or lying down, and repeat contraction and relaxation to train your muscles.

Initially, user might have to try to grip the bead to prevent it slip out from body, and through intensive training, you may control its movement without using your hand and reach the vagina training result.

Product result:
1. Enhance muscles strength and firming vagina, it will cure vagina loose cause by giving birth or excessive sex experience to improve the muscles elastic and added pleasures between couples.
2. Using the bead, vagina will recover its strong contraction and sucking ability, so that you may control your vagina accordingly and increase the quality of sex. You have never worried that your husband will having affair.

Tips to place dumbbell into your body:
1. Apply some lubricant onto the bead to ease you insert into body. Excessive lubricant will add the difficulty to insert.
2.  Lie down and insert slowly the bead into vagina, if you feel difficult, try to uplift your pelvic and try to insert again. Some even think that it is easier to insert by uplift a leg with standing pose.

Vagina contraction concept:
Apply lubricant onto the bead, and through gravity, the bead will slip out, thus your vagina muscles will contract and reaches training result. Yet, it will not bring any discomfort or pain to you!! You’ll feel incredible when you walking or shopping at the same time inserted bead into your body (please wear panty liner as there might be some liquid being release), try to jogging with LUNA, you’ll feel amazing!! LELO is world leading brand with one year warranty that surely will bring you pleasures and maintain your healthy!
Live for exercise! No exception for vagina:
If you are using the bead for training purposes, keep on using it every day is the key point. Use 10-30 minutes every day for vagina training is the best way, and you’ll feel the result in 7 days and within 30 days, you will see significant result!

There are thousands of vagina bead, why do you choose magic vagina bead?
Magic vagina bead is surely your choice!

1. Medication - Disadvantages: there are certain side effects
there are some tightening products currently on the market, the principle is that the drug is placed inside the vagina to repair the elastic fibers, resulting in the contraction of the vaginal tissue, effective, and no rebound, but there are some side effects! Suitable only for lazy person.
2.  Injection - Disadvantages: the injection is dangerous
this method is the use of some liquid to scar the tissue in vagina, resulting in a tight feeling. From textbooks is hard to find records of this method. Therefore, patients should be careful.
3.  Medication filler - Disadvantages: vaginal elasticity is uneven after injection
the filling method, the material used is some colloidal status biologics. Rich blood supply of the vaginal wall tissue, injecting of small dose fillers and making the tissue to swell, and thus there is uneven elasticity of the vaginal wall. It cannot merge with human body, although there is no rejection but unstable, long-term effect is not very good.
4. Surgical - Disadvantages: High costs and risky
The surgery directly resection part of the tissue, it need higher costs and more risky yet you may not maintain it in long period.

Vagina training have advantages in cost compare to medication and surgery, you do not need to spend too much on product or surgery, what you need to do is only well kept your training to reach ideal result.  In terms of safety, as there are some poor quality vagina medications in the market, thus many of users are afraid of the side effects bringing by vagina bead. Exercise is still the most safety and healthy way that will not bring any side effect to your body. Vagina beads help to those who are suffering from Urinary incontinence too.

No matter your vagina or anus, you may insert it and enjoy the pleasures that get you wet and scream. Just discover your source of pleasures and the bead will swing you to pleasures as well. This is also your secret of sexual pleasures.

A beautiful women should score 100% from internal to external, from vagina training, moisture, maintain, enhancing and to protect vagina! I love my sex, dig out your pleasure of orgasm and utilize your playing style! Do not miss out any of your sensitive spot!



价钱 :Rm35.00缩阴单球 / 48.00 缩阴双球                              
商品名称 :缩阴球哑铃训练器 迪咪缩阴球                                
商品货号 :                                
缩阴单球【适合初次体验者】~ 5011-14-35                                
为何有分 缩阴单球【适合初次体验者】与 缩阴双球【适合进一步紧致锻炼】呢?                                
因为“单球”的是让出用者适应将球放进阴道然后再慢慢的将“双球”的放进阴道,那会比较容易适应。 建议一起购买购买单球与双球一套。                                 
将哑铃放入体内 的小窍门:                                
把 小球涂上润滑油放入阴道内,滑溜溜的小球在重力作用下自然下坠。阴道肌肉就会不自觉地收紧,从而达到锻炼的效果了。不会给您带来任何不适或疼痛哦!更奇妙 的是您可以让球球体内的同时走动或者逛街(垫个护垫,因为会有一些液体哦),大家还可以尝试带带球球跑步,感觉很刺激哦!,一定会给您带来快乐体验的同时 保证您的身体健康!!                                
1.药物法 -------- 缺点:有一定的副作用                                
安 全方面,由于现在药品市场存在了很多伪劣的缩阴产品,这就使得很多女性朋友对于产品的副作用怕之又怕。而运动则是一种最健康最安全的方法了,不会对您的身 体带来任何副作用,相反还可以有效的提高您自身的身体素质。特别要提出的是,阴道哑铃对小便失禁的女性也是有治疗效果的哦。                                
无 论是幽静的小径,还是紧闭的后花园大门,无论前庭还是后阴,只要你想得到,他都拥有超强探索能力直抵亲们深处,让您穴水泉涌,尖叫连连。想钻哪里就哪里, 尽情发挥您的想象力去寻找快乐之源吧。还有,他身上的小圆球带给您突如其来式的摇摆摩擦,那可是您性爱快感至关重要的小秘密哦。                                 
做美丽女人,由内到外,缩阴,水润,养阴,护阴,美丽一百分!I love my sex 狂摇摆缩阴,探索深处高潮,玩出花样激情!球形拉珠,不放过任何一个敏感地带!!!                                

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