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LELO ISLA Rose red 1557

SKU: 1557-648-628

Weight: 250 gram

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LELO ISLA Rose red 1557

SKU: 1557-648-628

Weight: 250 gram


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ISLA Specifications
Materials: PC-ABS environmental protection material, the safety of silicone
Surface: Matte processing, embedded smooth ABS material
Battery: Lithium ion battery 500 mA 3.7 V
Charge: 500 mA 5 V, 2 hours
Use of time: Up to 4 hours
Standby time: 90 days
Frequency: 120 Hz
Maximum volume: less than 50 db
Interface: 3 control buttons, six kinds of stimulation modes

ISLA Dimensions
(22 x 6 x 4.4)cm
Weight: 164.5g





















Price: Rm 628.00                                
Ready Stock                                
Product name: LELO the Isla according to the posture pull high-grade female masturbation devices rose red 1557                                
Product No.: 1557-648-628                            

We are Malaysia regional representative, we have a strong after-sales services, for all LELO products quality problems, you may visit LELO official website ( manufacturers to get direct warranty, warranty certificate must be provided, otherwise it will affect the process of warranty. LELO provides warranty for six months, please reassure to buy!     

Notice 2:
If you think that procedure shown above is troublesome (get warranty from official website), you may send it back to us for the repair but we provide warranty for a month only. We will do our best to repair but if we failed, we will send a new one to you, exchange 1 on 1.                               

No water can be found inside of the product (this product is proven water resistant), none of any damages and defects on surface can be found which caused by product dropped or hit by physical objects, we will definitely provide warranty and repair as long it is a manufacture defective product.    

Those who claim that they are Lelo agents without detailsdetailed pictures and explanations like us are most probably selling imitation, selling in original products price but Non-original products! We have a security code system forour customers on the Internet (www.
zh-cn.lelo.comto verify the product that you bought is original, there is none of any sextoy website have this feature provided to their clients,currently we are the only sex toy ecommerce providing this feature to our valued customers . (For any details please view from pictures abovelook at the verification instructions)                                    

What is the security code?                                    
Security code is to verify that you are buying original or imitation productsmanufacturer will paste a "Passcode" note paper on the products box. Please log in to the website below to verify.       
Asian official website:


♥ Isla ♥                               
Isla is a beautifully exquisite medium-sized massager, she has a charm at first sight and has a touch of sultry chord. Her smooth flow arc lines fit perfectly with women needs, designed to bring you the most profound and most pleasure senses. Isla is made of safest silicone material while the core is made of metallic ABS environmental protection material, smooth and comfortable to touch, Isla is highly waterproof product, her six different of passion mode with three operation buttons on the interface to control the vibration speed and intensity. With complete charge Isla, you can get four hours of joy, Isla is stored in the the LELO luxurious black packing boxes and Satin storage gift bag, charger, INSIGNIA brooch are all provided in the box.                                
ISLA Specifications                                
Materials: PC-ABS environmental protection material, the safety of silicone                                
Surface: Matte processing, embedded smooth ABS material                                                             
Battery: Lithium ion battery 500 mA 3.7 V                                
Charge: 500 mA 5 V, 2 hours                                
Use of time: Up to 4 hours                                
Standby time: 90 days                                
Frequency: 120 Hz                                
Maximum volume: less than 50 db                                
Interface: 3 control buttons, six kinds of stimulation modes                                

ISLA Dimensions
(22 x 6 x 4.4)cm
Weight: 164.5g

What's in the box?
1 x LELO Isla Vibrator
1 x Pouch
1 x Charger
1 x Manual 

 Select wyatt points
1 Continuous vibration
2 Shock circulatory arrest mode
3 Shock circulatory arrest mode (short)
4 Diminuendo style of cycle mode
5 Crescendo style of cycle mode
6 Frequencies-mixed vibration mode                          

Isla charging instructions (manual book provided)
1. Insert connector into charging hole
2. Isla charging indicator will be lighted up and stop blinking after completion
3. Charge for 2 hours
4. Use original charger which provided by LELO on Isla only
5. Red indicator will be showed up when it's low battery


Comparison Pros & Cons of LELO branded products with inferior products

Pros  : High standard quality : High quality standards of medical silicone material, non toxic and odorless. Conformed Europe CE (safety, hygiene, environmental and consumer protections laws), RoHS (electric and restrictions of hazardous substances in on electrical elements) and USA FDA (food and drugs administration) approval and quality levels.
Cons : Non-certified  certificates, contains hazardous substances on electrical components and elements. Proven to cause inflammations on sensitive parts after long term usage.

Pros  : Experience extreme comfortable, fine vibrations and adjustable from weak to strong, fit accurately to your desire's rhythms. Fresh and interesting. 
Cons : Lousy built-in vibrator, non-silent vibrator, hard to control on vibrations that you desired, harder get into state of climax.

Pros  : Quality and satisfaction guranteed! Enjoy ONE year warranty from Lelo! Shelf life for normal usage of product is 2 years and above.
Cons : Quality not passed and disapproved, it happens to be spoiled, vibrators malfuntion, always disconnect. Shelf life normally stays for 10-30 usage.

Pros  : Exquisite and elegant designs, noble, durable and presentable.
Cons : Rough workmanship, imitation products.

Pros  : Ultra silent built in vibrator, vibration motor is even quieter than people whispering voice. Privacy 100% protected.
Cons : Louder, noisy, irritating, affecting mood, feeling stress as your privacy might be exposed at any time.


Brand Story                                            
LELO (LELOi AB) is a Swedish intimate lifestyle company that designs, develops, manufactures and sells upmarket sex toys, bedroom accessories, massage candles and oils, and lingerie. LELO currently sells one of the most expensive vibrators in the world, a 24-karat gold plated vibrator that costs $13,500 USD.

LELO was founded originally by Kalén designers Carl Magnuson and engineers Filip Sedic, they soon developed a classic product of the LELO - LILY and the NEA. LELO product design and the core concept of the plastic material from the outset to reject poor quality traditional toys and vibrators, all of our products are made of the highest quality materials and optimized in internal design.

 LELO has taken a non-traditional approach to the design and manufacture of sex toys, integrating high design concepts and receiving product certification to show that all materials used in the manufacturing process are body-safe. The company has been recognized for pioneering creations in the adult industry, including the first couples’ toys with motions controller functions from their SenseMotion™ line, as well as the G-spot vibrator GIGI.

On January 9, 2011 at the AVN awards, LELO won the award for the Best Large Sex Toy Company. On November 22, 2011 the company received Best Product of the Year and Bestselling Products at the Eros Shine Awards in Melbourne, Australia. On May 25, 2011 the X'Show Awards in Moscow awarded the company Most Innovative Product for its dual-action vibrator Soraya. On April 18, 2011 LELO was the recipient of the XBIZ Award for Best Product Packaging, in Hollywood, California.

Today, LELO itself to provide superior creative design and a deep pride and also from a pursuit of quality. Each component have been tested repeatly and every product is 100% quality assurance, every message and every piece of packaging were in made of highest quality materials. Eco-friendly, using biodegradable materials on our rechargeable battery system. All products are nontoxic and harmless and comply with CE and RoHS standards.

About Lelo
"Millions of people enjoy Lelo, it’s just sometimes the best luxuries you keep to yourself." Lelo is the world’s leading designer brand of luxury vibrators for couples, men and women. Lelo’s unique portfolio of bedroom sex toys, vibrators, dildos, and personal massagers have won many red dots designs around the world. A Lelo vibrator is all you need for an unforgettable and luxurious night in!

Lelo is famous for revolutionizing the look, feel and function of how personal massagers are perceived, bringing a new level of luxury to products of this kind. Lelo's vibrators and lingerie have been featured in many popular media publications, such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Women's Health, Glamour, Men’s Health, Playboy, GQ, Forbes, Esquire, Maxim, Wired, T3, and the New York Times. Here at Lily Hush Singapore,we stock the entire range of Lelo vibrators and sex toys, all ready to be delivered to your door.

Lelo for Couples
If you're a couple looking to spice up your sex life, do consider Lelo's exquisite range of waterproof vibrators designed especially for couples. At Lily Hush Singapore, two of our very popular wireless vibrators are the Tiani & Oden. The Tiani is the premier couple's vibrator that comes with a wireless remote. Its won a host of awards including the 2012 red dot design award, and its featured in many magazines over the world. The Oden is the world's most advanced vibrating ring ever made giving you and your partner more intimacy and control than ever before.

Lelo Homme for Men
Lelo makes the most luxurious cock rings, prostate massagers and anal toys for men. Men considering solo play should consider Billy, which is Lelo Homme most sophisticated prostate massager. If you're up for a little manual prostate massage, check out the Bob. If you're looking for something to share with your significant other, do consider the Tor II - the world's most powerful vibrating cock ring. 



价钱 : Rm 628.00                                
商品名 : LELO Isla 依姿拉 高档女用自慰器具 玫瑰红1557                                
商品货号: 1557-648-628                               

如果亲们不要那么麻烦直接到( 保修的话,我们可以保修,但只能保修一个月。可以修我们会尽量修,不能修我们换一个新的给你1对1。                                

条件 :不能进过水(这产品是防水的),不能有迹象曾经跌过或撞过而令到表面有瑕疵,只要是产品自身问题,一定保修。                                
友情提示 :
那些自称是LELO的代理商而又没有象我们的详细图片和解说那么细节的都大多是卖假货,便宜货当贵货卖!我们有电码防伪的系统也公开给我们的客户们上网 ( 查询你受到货的产品号码是真或是假货,其他马来西亚网站都没有哦。(详细请到会以上图片看怎样上网查找)                                

什么是电码防伪 ?                                
Isla是一款精美绝伦的中型按摩器,她具有一见倾心的魅力,也具有撩人心弦的触感,可谓是名副其实。她流畅的线条 贴合女性轮廓,旨在传送最深邃最愉悦的感官享受。Isla是由安全硅胶制成,核心为金属色ABS环保材质,触感光滑舒适,Isla百分百高度防水, 她的6种激情模式通过界面上的3个操作按钮来控制振动速度和强度。彻底充电即可获得4小时的欢愉,Isla被放置在LELO奢华的黑色包装盒里,并随盒附 带缎质收纳礼袋、充电器、INSIGNIA胸针和一年质量保证书。                                
尺寸:220 x 60 x 44mm 重量:164.5克                                
-按着键中心 5 秒开动「按键锁」.(当你需要携带她外出的时候,请锁止键盘以防止误开机.)                                
-按着键中心 5 秒关闭「按键锁」.                                
新系列的按摩棒在防水功能上做了相当大的革新,过去的 Lelo 按摩棒按键处,按键与棒身之间仍有缝隙,一旦进水就准备说再见了,Soraya 的按键处和棒身是一体成形,所以完全没有进水的疑虑,使用者可以跟 VB夹子一样,很豪气的整个拿到水龙头底下清洗。                                

Additional Information

Additional Information

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