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Sweden LELO Luna beads mini [Diameter 2.9cm]

SKU: 7692-253-238

Weight: 250 gram

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Sweden LELO Luna beads mini [Diameter 2.9cm]

SKU: 7692-253-238

Weight: 250 gram


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Value added features of LELO LUNA products
★ Does not contain toxic material, harmless to human body
★ A sex toy and trainer that may prevent vagina loose
★ Double beads combination - completely waterproof
★ Safe string
★ Ingenious combination
★ Weight increments ★ FOC gift box
★ FOC collection pouch
★ FOC 1 year warranty














Price: RM238.00                                                                                                                                      
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Product name: Sweden LELO Luna beads mini [Diameter 2.9cm]
Product code: 7692-253-238

We are the only distributor in Malaysia, and have strong after-sales service to serve you better. Any faulty LELO products can return directly to the manufacturer through official website ( for warranty and exchange. Please well keep the warranty card to avoid any affects to after sales services. 6 months warranty repair, so don"t worry and purchase!

Announcement 2:
If you feel it"s too troublesome dealing with (, you may deal with us directly and we will issue a one-month warranty. We will try our best to repair product that we could, and for those we could not make it, there will be a 1-on-1 exchange.

No penetration of water or any leakage of the product (this product is waterproof), flawless on product surface causing by falling or hitting is not allow. We will issue warranty as long as the product has own faulty.

Those who claimed themselves as LELO dealer yet do not have details images and description as we did, might sell pirated goods or selling fake product in high price! Our security label system is now open to our user to check online ( to discover whether your security barcode is original or fake where not available in other Malaysian sex toys websites. (Feel free to check out the images below on how to check online your security label). We also provide short video how to differentiate original products exclusively while others sex toys website don"t have. (Video had been placed on top of this page).

What is security code?
Security code is a sticker that the manufacturer used to seal the product to prove that is the original product from factory. You may check your product originality through its offical website.
Asian official website:
Worldwide official website :


LELO products are applying 2 security code systems: first is LELO product security code, and second is electronic merchant verification
Official verification website:
Official customer service hotline: 400 088 5110

Like any muscle tissue, and if you do not exercise it regularly, the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles will become weak and lose their elasticity. The main factors causing muscle relaxation are long-term physical exertion, childbirth and hormonal imbalance. Daily insist on doing KEGEL movement can exercise the pelvic floor muscles and vaginal muscles, thereby enhancing the strength of the muscles, and gives you more confident to stay healthier. Good vaginal and pelvic floor muscles can also enhance sexual desire which also the source reaching orgasm.
Material introduction of LELO LUNA
The bead is made of ABS materials, and comparing with other silicone-surfaced vagina dump bell, its unique selling point is to give stronger vibration while soft silicone will reduce its dynamic. Solid materials such as ABS will pass the dynamic easier so the bead inside the body will bounce faster and keen. It will produce vibration even when your vagina being shrunk.

Principle of LELO LUNA
LELO LUNA as the specialist to the vagina contraction and also a product combines [pleasures] and [healthcare] mainly designs for female"s vagina and pelvic floor muscles. It can uses to prevent vagina loose and to run pelvic exercises, at the same time as sex toy to produce vibration through bouncing of rolling bead inside the bead. Each of your motion will lead the LUNA Bead to bounce and hence your vagina will shrink. When your pussy started to shrink, it will increase the bouncing of the bead and brought you wavy pleasures during sex or even foreplay.

Design concept of LELO LUNA
LELO LUNA is specially design for those women who focus on sensational pleasures--comfortable and healthy concept will enable women and her partner to enjoy sweetness of the future moment. LELO LUNA definitely can replace traditional bead yet fashionable and low profile LUNA Bead will helps you to enhance flexibility and sensitivity of vagina, and then it will sensitively reaches orgasm when the inner wall of pussy being stretch. Just insert the LELO LUNA Bead gently into her pussy, and let the bead to pass the excitement signal, and gives you electric-shocked magical moment. As for those who are chasing for  happiness, LUNA Bead is also your intimate partner for sure!

Value added features of LELO LUNA products
★ Does not contain toxic material, harmless to human body
★ A sex toy and trainer that may prevent vagina loose
★ Double beads combination - completely waterproof
★ Safe string
★ Ingenious combination
★ Weight increments ★ FOC gift box
★ FOC collection pouch
★ FOC 1 year warranty

Women pleasures come from?
A normal women"s vagina is surrounded by many muscles and ligament, when sexual life brings friction, it will increase the pleasures of both partners. Yet, those who had sexual history more than 3 years or vaginal delivery will cause loose of vagina mucosa and its muscles even problen such as vaginal laceration, perinea tear, poor wound healing after episiotomy etc., causing  ""clenched"" ability of vagina to penis declined during sexual activities. It will lead to low friction which reducing the pleasures for both partners and even disappearing, which later lead to psychological rejection, reject, or objectionable, severely reducing the couple both the quality of sexual life.

Where do men pleasures come from?
Most of us know that men wanted a feeling of ""clenched"", when women having continuous sexual excitement, 1/3 of vagina will become congestive and vagina become narrow and tight then produce "clenched" feels to penis during sexual and bring pleasures when penis started pumping. Couples may feel bored as when vagina loose, for sure affecting the sexual pleasures which will bring problem to both couples’ relationship.

How to solve this problem?
The answer is: Shrink and train your vagina through specific methods!!!

Below is the commons method for pussy contraction:

1. Medication -Disadvantages: there are specific  side effects
There are some tightening products currently on the market, the principle is that the drug is placed inside the vagina to repair the elastic fibers, resulting in the contraction of the vaginal tissue, immediate result, and not easy rebound, but there are some side effects! There are some oral medicines products, but gives relatively slow result.

2. Injection ---- Disadvantages: injection could be dangerous

This method is to inject medicines into the vagina and damage the tissue resulting to gives tight feeling. It’s difficult to find reading materials for this method, so just be careful if you decided to use this method.
Medication filler ------ Disadvantages: vaginal elasticity is uneven after injection
Colloidal status biologics is the materials using in the filling method. By injecting small dose of fillers will make the tissue to swell as the rich blood supply of vaginal wall tissue, but uneven elasticity could be occurs. Filling materials also cannot absorb by human body, although no rejection but its unstable and not a long-term alternatives.

3. Surgical – Disadvantages: The surgery directly resection part of the tissue and have side effects.

Each mother"s situation is different as their physical recovery is different. Some is unsatisfied with the vaginal recovery due to improper rest or too tired, and hence affecting sexual life. You may consider surgery to accelerate your recovery. Vagina plastic surgery may regain the tightness as before giving birth and  vaginal repair surgery can help improve vaginal relaxation, but not conducive to the purpose of the second natural delivery. In fact, vaginal improves the quality of sex life.

What is the best solution?
The answer is: Exercise!! Live life for exercise! No exception for vagina!

The vagina has its own recovery function; the postpartum expansion phenomenon can be recovered in 3 months after delivery. But after extrusion and tear, the muscle of vagina is damage, thus it takes longer time for vaginal elastic recovery. Elastic recovery can be enhance through some exercises and help tighten vagina.  Exercise is the most healthy and effective way!

To Men
When your loved one facing to situation below:
1. Your loved one had gave birth to child.
2. It"s had been 3 years ago when you and your loved one first have sex.
3. When your penis insert to the vagina, you feel inadequate of tightness or loosen.
4. Your loved one hardly has orgasm or weak orgasm
5. She does not say: ""Oh dear, you"re so big"" or similar sentences like she did
6. Your loved one became lack of sex interest, and only cope with your needs or refuse to have sex with dozen of excuses.
To Women
If you"re facing with any of the situation:
1. You had given birth to child.
2. You had sex experience more than 3 years.
3. You hardly can feel the sense of filling during beginning of marriage.
4. He does not tell:""You"re so tight"" or similar sentences like he did.
5. He do not request for sex frequently and reject your initiative using ""I"m so tired"" as excuse.

All these had shown that you are probably facing to vagina loosen problem! Try this eco-friendly vagina tightening product, LELO LUNA from Sweden.

Will the product size be too big?
Hello! We exclusively development two different weights according to market demand. Full-length 15.5cm, the diameter of the ball is about 3.2cm, the pink ball weight 28gm, the gray ball weight 37gm. Size is moderate and acceptable among public, this size is designed specifically for Asian women.

I am 35 this year, after given birth to a son my husband thinks that I was too loose, will this product work?
Yes. Use vaginal dumbbell one to two months to achieve the desired effect depending on your situation, and maintain a elastic, narrow and tight vagina.

I am 26 and worked as a prostitute for 2 years, I am getting married now, will I recover?
Yes. Use it for 2-3 months to achieve the effect, and your vagina will become tight.

I just gave birth; will my vagina recover as before?
The vagina is a very flexible organ, its muscle expandable enough to hold a newborn through, but after given birth, it will have vaginal relaxation, elasticity weaken, increased in vaginal discharge. As long as you use this product twice a day, it will gradually shrink, so that your husband can not tell the difference.

Will the vaginal expand because of having sex too frequently?
The vagina is impossible to expand by having sex too much, its like a rubber band that will become lack of elastic and vaginal become wider. By using vaginal dumbbell,  vaginal elasticity and vitality can be restored and you’ll feels like the first time ...

How to disinfect before and after use?
This product is very convenient in cleaning, clean with diluted medical alcohol or female gynecological disinfectant or fresh water is good enough.

How long can we use the dumbbell after abortion?
The surface of the uterus will have wound because of the Abortion surgery will cause uterus surface wounded and it is more appropriate to start using this product after 30 days of abortion. It is recommended to be used for more than 3 months after childbirth.

Can we insert the 2 beads in at the same time, how long for each usage?
You can insert the beads according to personal acceptance, normally we insert 2 balls, small amount of lubricant can be applied on the bead for better insertion.  Using time not strictly limited, but normally it takes half an hour or two hours

How long will this product take to reach the said effect?
The principle is to exercise vaginal muscle groups and pelvic, it is recommended that the patient adhere to exercise, and generally takes about 2 months, the specific time is determined according to individual circumstances. Thank you!

Cleaning, storage and safety
* Your LELO product lifetime could be very long if there is proper maintenance and take care.
* LELO suggested to avoid silicone-based lubricant as it will increase the possibility of surface damage. If you plan to use silicone-based lubricant, please run partial test before use. Water-based lubricant is still the safest choice.
* Please clean the product before and after use, using warm water and antibacterial soup to clean the stick and rinse with clean warm water, dry it by rubbing gently with towel or soft cloth.
* Avoid using massage oil or hand cream to replace lubricant, or any detergents that contain alcohol, gasoline or acetone.
* Avoid direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to high temperature.
* Store in a dust-free place and avoid contact of items with different materials.

About LELO
LELO is a sex toy brand origin from Sweden, famous of its exclusive design concept and branding effect. Our design inspirited by fashion and sense of beauty, which makes our adult products reflect simple yet sensational elegant style. To cater with the upcoming avant-garde trend, LELO also provide high quality alternatives in traditional adult products market. We aimed to please those who focus on high quality completed sexual yet have a sense of design. Through the sense and functions, it can frequently used like accessories and become intimate partner when lovers enjoying sexual activities.


As the world best selling adult products brand, LELO origins from 2003, where one of its founder, Eric Kalén wanted to choose a birthday gift to his married female friend.

“We decided to buy a sex toy for her in Sweden sex toy shops, but we could not get a company or product which provides great quality or functions yet with fashionable design. After we search through all shops including online stores, we find out that this is a market to be developed. ""

LELO is founded by Kalén, designer Carl Magnuson and engineer Filip Sedic. Soon, they has invented the classic product of LELO-- LILY and NEA. LELO core concept is to reject using poor quality plastic materials and vibrator, thus all LELO products are using premium grade of materials and optimal internal design.

After the products being introduce to market, these new and high quality"s sexual satisfaction has redefine the adult products market or subvert the entire category. Huge differences have lead LELO team decided to create a new market category--adult product. LELO"s adult products is rechargeable, thus it need no battery; each of the LELO products is made of high quality medical safe materials, safe to human body and each of the operation is very user-friendly.

Initially, founders hold different views while insisting high quality, high-end design and to maintain high quality of producing, as there are other alternatives to reduce production cost and price. Yet, the facts has proved that it has meet with the founders" expectation, and has amazing returns for their discriminating, design appreciation and devotion positioning. Today, LELO are proud of its excellent creative design, and all these are come from persistent pursuit of quality. Each component has repeatedly tested thus every product also 100% quality guaranteed.  Each of the parcel and packaging is highest quality, and for environment safety, we try our best to use biodegraded materials and our rechargeable battery system. All products is non-toxic and harmless, as well as meeting CE and RoHS standards.

LELO is LV in adult sex toys market.

After 7 years of development, LELO has transcended the scope of adult products and becomes one of the luxury brands worldwide. LELO has launched the luxury vibrator series with golden casing, LUXE, has occupied the high-end market very fast and praised by upper parties. "LUXE" serial short film has been invited to show on 62th French Cannes Film Festival. LELO has also display its 4 handmade 18k gold product. Discussion frequencies of LELO product by European female are not lower than the famous brand, Louis Vuitton.


价钱 : Rm238.00                                    
商品名 :瑞典正品LELO luna beads露娜(迷你版)直径2.9cm~ 缩阴球                                    
商品货号: 7692-253-238                                   

如果亲们不要那么麻烦直接到( 保修的话,我们可以保修,但只能保修一个月。可以修我们会尽量修,不能修我们换一个新的给你1对1。                                                                                

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那些自称是LELO的代理商而又没有象我们的详细图片和解说那么细节的都大多是卖假货,便宜货当贵货卖!我们有电码防伪的系统也公开给我们的客户们上网 ( 查询你受到货的产品号码是真或是假货,其他马来西亚情趣网站都没有哦。(详细请到以下图片查看怎样上网查找),而且不止这样哦,我们除了官方视频还有我们 一手包办的视频影片让大家看看真货是怎样的哦。 其它情趣用品网站都没有哦。 (影片在这页面的最顶)                                                                             

什么是电码防伪 ?                                                                                

亚洲官方网站 :                                      
LELO产品已启用最新防伪验证方式有两种:一是 LELO产品验证;二是 电子商家验证                                    
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与任何肌肉组织一样,如果不经常锻炼,阴道环肌和盆底肌肉就会变弱而失去弹性。引起肌肉松弛的因素主要为长期操劳、分娩和荷尔蒙失调。每日坚持做KEGEL 运动可以锻炼盆底肌肉和阴道环肌,从而增强肌肉的力量,使您更加自信与健康。当然,姣好的阴道和盆底肌还能增强性欲,是激起高潮的直接源头.                                    
LELO LUNA的材质介绍                                    
小 球表面是ABS树脂材料,与其他硅胶表面的阴道哑铃相比,最突出的特点是震动感会体现的更加强烈。柔软的硅胶会让震动感衰减,而比较坚硬的ABS树脂材料 不但更容易让振动传递,同时也让球体内部的弹球反弹的更敏锐、迅速。仔细体会,甚至在您因刺激收缩阴道时都让小球产生振动。                                    
LELO LUNA的作用原理                                    
LELO LUNA 阴道加倍紧致的私密训练专家,是一款【快感】和【健体】的混合产品,是针对女性的阴道和骨盆肌肉而设计,可用作骨盆腔肌底运动,预防阴道松弛等。也可用作情趣玩具,前后兼用,利用自然活动产生震动,两个球中均藏有滚球,当滚球滚动时会撞来撞去产生震动制造刺激。您的每一个动作,体内的LUNA球都跟着动起来,撞击阴道壁,让您不由自主的收紧肌肉。甚至在您收紧肌肉的时候也带动LUNA球跳动。一波一波带来反复的快感~~还可用作前戏,振动得让你心痒痒,大部分MM会腿软哦~~~                                    
LELO LUNA的设计理念                                    
LELO LUNA专 为那些注重感官享受的女性而设计----舒适而健康的理念让女性和她的伴侣在未来的岁月中依旧甜蜜如初,你侬我侬。替代传统的“艺伎球”,时尚而低调的 LUNA beads用来增强阴道内壁的敏感性和柔韧性,使其犹如含羞草般瞬间感应,随即阴道内壁肌肉的张弛加速了高潮来临时的快感,有种“山雨欲来风满楼”的紧张 与刺激。将她们柔和的轻放在阴道内壁,轻盈的滚珠微妙地传递着兴奋的信号,让您有种触电般的不可思议。对于那些珍爱身体追求幸福的享乐者而言,LUNA beads何尝不是一种完美无瑕的贴身宝贝呢!                                    
LELO LUNA的产品优势                                      
正 常女性阴道四周有许多肌肉及韧带,使其保持一定张力,在阴道内壁黏膜上,还有有许多皱襞,性生活时能增加摩擦力,使双方产生快感;而性史超过 3 年或阴道分娩后,造成阴道粘膜、肌肉等软组织松弛,甚至阴道裂伤、陈旧性会阴撕裂、会阴侧切后伤口愈合差等,导致性生活时原有的阴道对阴茎的 “ 紧握 ” 能力下降,出现摩擦力减弱,使男女双方快感减弱甚至消失,会导致心理上的排斥、拒绝或反感,严重降低情侣双方的性生活质量。                                    
大 家都知道男的过性生活图的是个紧握感。当女人处于持续性的性兴奋时,阴道的下三分之一段显著充血,使阴道紧而缩窄。在男女爱爱时,产生了阴道对阴茎的紧裹 作用,使阴茎抽送时引起快感。由于松弛以后这个感觉都比较差了,然后就对夫妻生活可能发生厌倦,夫妻感情也可能发生一定的问题。                                    
1.药物法 --------缺点:有一定的副作用                                    
3.药剂填充 ------缺点:注射后阴道弹性不均匀                                    
4.手术修复法 ----缺点:手术直接切除部分组织 有后遗症                                    
每 个妈妈的情况不同,体质恢复也不尽相同,有些妈妈因为休息不当、过于劳累,尽管通过锻炼,阴道的恢复也不尽人意,进而影响到性生活时,可以采取手术的方式 来修复。阅读:阴道整形,重拾妈咪育前性快乐阴道修复手术可以帮助改善阴道松弛,但不利于第二次自然分娩阴道修复的目的其实是为提高性生活质量而服务的。                                    

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Additional Information

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