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Sweden PicoBong HONI Vibration Egg (Pink)

SKU: 6826-132-185

Weight: 220 gram

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Sweden PicoBong HONI Vibration Egg (Pink)

SKU: 6826-132-185

Weight: 220 gram


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Comprehensive 1 Year Warranty
Every so often, a lunar eclipse occurs. Just as often, a PicoBong™ toy can sometimes go wrong. In case something has slipped by, PicoBong™ offers a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all toys.

Smooth Water-Proof Silicone
PicoBong’s water-proof silicone is FDA-approved and renowned for being the smoothest in its class. Our toys receive a special additional coating prior to shipment and are Phthalate free.









Price: Rm 185.00                            
Ready Stock                            
Product name: Sweden PicoBong the Pique friends honi Ouni the elf Tiaodan (Pink)                            
Product No.: 6826-132-185                            

 Material: Silicone                            
Category: inverter Tiaodan                            
Brand: PicoBong                            
Color: cool black cherry red marine blue                                                   

The PicoBong ™ product uses the security code verification technology, paste PicoBong ™ Official security label on the product packaging boxes, each product has a unique security code. Every PicoBong ™ Product includes an official PicoBong ™ anti-fake label and has a unique anti-fake code.

Notice: We are Malaysia regional representative, we have a strong after-sales services, for all PICOBONG products quality problems, you may visit Picobong official website ( manufacturers to get direct warranty, warranty certificate must be provided, otherwise it will affect the process of warranty. Picobong provides warranty for six months, please reassure to buy!                                 

Notice 2: If you think that procedure shown above is troublesome (get warranty from official website), you may send it back to us for the repair but we provide warranty for a month only. We will do our best to repair but if we failed, we will send a new one to you, exchange 1 on 1.                                
Conditions: No water can be found inside of the product (this product is proven water resistant), none of any damages and defects on surface can be found which caused by product dropped or hit by physical objects, we will definitely provide warranty and repair as long it is a manufacture defective product.

What is the security code?
Security code is to verify that you are buying original or imitation productsmanufacturer will paste a "password"note paper on the products box. Please log in to the website below to verify

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Note : Those who claim that they are PICOBONG agents without detailsdetailed pictures andexplanations like us are most probably selling imitation, selling in original products price but Non-original products! We have a security code system for our customers on the Internet( verify the product that you bought is original, there is none of any sextoy website have this feature provided to their clients,currently we are the only sex toy ecommerce providing this feature to our valued customers . (For any details please view from pictures abovelook at the verification instructions)

♥ HONI ♥
Young and Vibrant MINI Vibe
The mini toy with mega vibrations. 
Sometimes the smallest things can give the most joy – but don’t be fooled by Honi’s petite frame, because it packs a wallop and offers you a world of pleasure on a string. For those looking to have it anywhere, anytime—HONI is an internal bullet that’s sure to go the distance with a petite frame and a mean punch. Attached to a safety string strong enough to hold 10 kilograms (not that you’d need it—we just like to play it safe), HONI can be your best kept secret.



Powerful and Near-Silent Motor
Housed inside every PicoBong™ is a daring little motor which certainly packs a wallop! Not only is the motor strong enough to knock your socks off, but it does so in the quietest way. Perfect for those with nosy roommates.

12 Vibe Patterns and Multiple Speeds
An amazing 12 different vibration patterns can be enjoyed over multiple speeds, providing a spice-based cliché concerning variety and life!

2 Hours of Play from a Single AAA battery
Each PicoBong™ requires just one AAA battery for 2 hours of bliss.

Made with Body-Safe, FDA Approved Silicone
PicoBong™ toys are made with the highest levels of quality and safety in mind, which is why we only use body-safe, FDA approved silicone and ABS plastic.

Easy-to-Use Control Interface
With an exciting array of possibilities for every toy, who needs confusing buttons or dials?! PicoBong’s™ 2-button interface is easy to operate and totally user-friendly, ensuring nothing gets between you and a good time. When pressed, +/- control speed and power, while modes can be changed by holding down the + button for 3 seconds.
Pleasure Points — A power-packed bullet that delivers massive internal resonance exactly where you need it.

Fully Waterproof to a Depth of 1 Meter
Not only are PicoBong™ toys easy to clean, but they are also ideal accessories for the bath, shower, swimming pool – even a babbling brook, if that’s your thing. PicoBong™ toys offer versatility that is perfect for use whenever, wherever and with whomever’s got your fancies tickled.

Comprehensive 1 Year Warranty
Every so often, a lunar eclipse occurs. Just as often, a PicoBong™ toy can sometimes go wrong. In case something has slipped by, PicoBong™ offers a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all toys.

Smooth Water-Proof Silicone 
PicoBong’s water-proof silicone is FDA-approved and renowned for being the smoothest in its class. Our toys receive a special additional coating prior to shipment and are Phthalate free.

Shiny body-safe type of plastic that looks beautiful and is easy to clean.



Get Started:
After inserting the batteries into the body, twist the top until you feel the click.
To kick off the action, begin by pressing the (+) button. Slowly advance through the speeds to build up intensity until reaching the top speed after 18 clicks. Modes can be altered and changed at any speed with the "M" button. To decrease speed gradually, press the (-) until desired. To power off, hold the +/- simultaneously for 5 seconds.

How to Use HONI:
Honi is a powerful internal vibe attached to an external safety string for comfortable removal. Set the desired mode and speed prior to placing Honi into position for deep internal resonance. To remove, simply pull gently on the string.

Honi should be cleaned with an antibacterial wash after each use. Store in a cool, dry place. When used with a fresh set of batteries, Honi lasts up to two hours.

PicoBong is part of a global initiative that designs to make a difference by creating products that have a significantly reduced environmental impact.

We do this through refining manufacturing processes to reduce usage of materials, energy, and water as well as CO2 output. In every country we operate in, we comply with or exceed environmental laws, regulations and energy standards currently followed in that region. Where lesser or no such regulations exist, we maintain US and EU standards.

Without sacrificing performance or value, our designers and engineers are constantly looking for better ways to maximize lifespan and energy efficiency to further minimize our environmental footprint and ensure that your product will provide pleasure time and time again.

All PicoBong products are WEEE-compliant to meet collection, recycling and recovery targets for all types of electronic goods and all PicoBong manufacturing facilities follow ISO standards of quality management systems to ensure quality output and increased efficiency.


Comparison Pros & Cons of PICOBONG branded products with inferior products

Pros  : High standard quality : High quality standards of medical silicone material, non toxic and odorless. Conformed Europe CE (safety, hygiene, environmental and consumer protections laws), RoHS (electric and restrictions of hazardous substances in on electrical elements) and USA FDA (food and drugs administration) approval and quality levels.
Cons : Non-certified  certificates, contains hazardous substances on electrical components and elements. Proven to cause inflammations on sensitive parts after long term usage.

Pros  : Experience extreme comfortable, fine vibrations and adjustable from weak to strong, fit accurately to your desire's rhythms. Fresh and interesting. 
Cons : Lousy built-in vibrator, non-silent vibrator, hard to control on vibrations that you desired, harder get into state of climax.

Pros  : Quality and satisfaction guranteed! Enjoy ONE year warranty from Picobong! Shelf life for normal usage of product is 2 years and above.
Cons : Quality not passed and disapproved, it happens to be spoiled, vibrators malfuntion, always disconnect. Shelf life normally stays for 10-30 usage.

Pros  : Exquisite and elegant designs, noble, durable and presentable.
Cons : Rough workmanship, imitation products.

Pros  : Ultra silent built in vibrator, vibration motor is even quieter than people whispering voice. Privacy 100% protected.
Cons : Louder, noisy, irritating, affecting mood, feeling stress as your privacy might be exposed at any time. 

Hygiene, durable and safety
♥ Go healthy!
♥ Take good care, keep in conditions, longer shelf life.
♥ You are advised not to use silicone matrix type of lubrication, it might affect quality and damage the surface of products easier. Water soluble lubrication is always the best choice!
♥ Clean and disinfect using warm water or cleaning solution, Dry it up soft towel.
♥ Restricted from using massage oil  




价钱 : Rm 185.00                            
商品名 : 瑞典PicoBong皮克朋 honi欧妮小精灵跳蛋(樱桃红)                            
商品货号: 6826-132-185                            
材质: 硅胶                            
分类: 变频跳蛋                            
品牌: PicoBong                            
颜色: 炫酷黑 樱桃红 海洋蓝                            
PicoBong™产品采用防伪码验证技术,即在产品外包装盒上粘贴PicoBong™官方防伪标签,每件产品均有唯一的防伪码。Every PicoBong™ Product includes an official PicoBong™ anti-fake label and has a unique anti-fake code。                            

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Additional Information

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