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Japan Delay Training Master (4) Edition

SKU: 2501-20-49

Weight: 220 gram

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Japan Delay Training Master (4) Edition

SKU: 2501-20-49

Weight: 220 gram


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Having problem with prematured ejaculation? Couldn't satisfy your partner all the time? Facing depression and low self-esteem?
Now, check it out with what we have now! No worries, as long you have determination to practice, these problems will be solved without any surgery and medication!









Price: Rm 49.00                                
Trade name: lock master of fine training (limited edition)~ 4                             
Product No.: 2501-20-49                                
NEW DELAY TRAINER By Japan Famous AV Star                              
Must use it with Lubricant, Press here : LUBRICANT SERIES                           

Having problem with prematured ejaculation? Couldn't satisfy your partner all the time? Facing depression and low self-esteem?
Now, check it out with what we have now! No worries, as long you have determination to practice, these problems will be solved without any surgery and medication!

Prolong erection and duration during sexual intercourse
Firm inner structure, precision utensil designed, fine tentacles along the entrance, tighter and loosen structural ribbed wall, strongly stimulates glans corona, train it's affordability to longer duration.
It will decrease the sensitivity of glans corona, that's how you gain a longer duration during sexual intercourse.

Inner structural ribbed and ringed designs 
Loose ribbed and ringed internal wall imitating vaginal tightness while tighter wall imitating anal size of hole. When it combined, glans corona and penis will be facing and experience in a high pressure condition during in and out friction, you can feel pores of your whole body are opened up, reaching to the climax while practicing of your penis to a great better one.

Oral sex stimulation
With further in-depth process, penetrate of your penis to the deepest part and pull out, you are able to feel strong airflow during the process. It feels like a hot woman with flames is sucking and oppressing on your penis.

3 functions in 1 utensil
Get physical exercises while masturbating, to train your penis and ability to control and prolong your sexual intercourse journey. This exercises are providing a long life warranty, warrant you in getting a stronger penis in front of your girls and partners, without any harmness. Just use your hand to control the tightness. Hold it firm or not, up to you!

Imagine, a product without any harmness, practicing of your penis, to get longer duration and erection, while masturbating to orgasm, yet can feel like an oral sex feeling......Imagine now. 

Wanna be a hero, save your woman's sex life, giving her more and more adventurous sex journey? Then what are you waiting for? GET ONE OR EVEN A SET NOW! Practice according to the sequences!

BEGINNER : Use it from No.3 to No.1. 
Adaption period : Use No.3-4 for 10 days to adapt as a beginner.
Training period : Use No.2-3 for 10 days in second stage.
Resistant period : Use No.1-2 for 10 days to resist strength of your penis.

With only 30 days to achieve the best result for your penis!
Use Limited Edition No.1 to Limited Edition No.2
Limited Edition No.1, use it for 7 days

Limited Edition No.2, use it for 7 days
Limited Edition No.3, use it for 7 days
Limited Edition No.4, use it for 7 days
Limited Edition No.5, use it for 7 days

 How To Clean?
1. Use the water flow into the hole, rinse repeatly. Use one finger to wash.

2. Fling it for few times, put under windy place to dry.
3. Avoid from sunlight, store in cool dry place.

It is not advised to flip it back, but the entrance with tentacle can be flipped.

Note :
1. Avoid from fatigue exercises
2. Avoid from sunlight
3. Advisable to use with condom to keep it durable
4. Use with lubricant to avoid from injury during friction
5. Train regularly to get the best results
6. Results will be different due to everyone's physical and skin conditions
7. Use cleaning and disinfect lotion after use

Q: What is the different between this trainer and normal masturbation device?                             

A: Main function of this utensil is to train your penis to resist and prolong erection during sexual intercourse, while masturbating. Unlike the normal masturbators, they were made for masturbation purposes only.                                
Q: Is this apparatus really works?                                
A: First of all, this apparatus is designed to delay and masturbation. The purpose to delay is certainly achievable. However, you need patience and determination. Use and train 2-3 times per week according to your body condition. Of course, if your body is in good condition, you may increase the number of usage times, vice versa, please reduce the number of times to not affect the work and life as a precondition. Do not be anxious.                                
Q: What is the principle of male superior training apparatus delay?                                
A: The principle of this aparatus is trained by using different ribbed and ringed wall structure, to stimulate glans corona's sensitivity, so that your penis is able to adapt in different environments.                              

Q: What is the material of the male superior Cheats exercise?                                
A; Material was ordered from Japan. Using high quality jelly silicone material, safe to use and odorless.                                
Q: How softness of the male superior exerciser?                                
A: Kato Eagle created moderate in softness. But it is still little bit of harder comparing to the normal masturbators as it is made to train your penis.                            
Q: Any tactics on using this apparatus?                              
A: First, determination is important. Secondly, you may use it with thermal or normal lubrication. Thermal lubrication is able to increase stimulation while training. Thirdly, you can learn how to control when you feel like to ejaculate. Learn how to slow down to achieve the prolong results.                                                             
Q: Is it easy to be cleaned?                              
A: Yes it is. It is using the best material, just rinse and clean. Advisable to end up with cleaning and sterilization fluid.



价钱 : Rm 49.00                                
商品名 : 锁精训练大师(限量版)                                
商品货号: 2501-20-49                                
购买润滑油按此: 润滑油系列                               

寂 寞的时候,是否也想找个人排解内心的空虚?两个人翻云覆雨的时候,有哪个男人不想酣战淋漓,在自己爱的人面前威武不屈?那空虚的夜晚,难道还要把火热青春 献给您的左右手--十姑娘?一次不行,两次不行,难道只能在她失望的表情里一蹶不振?no,no,no!亲,现在醉清风为你带来了惊喜,“训练大师特别 版”----让你成为男人中男人!成为男人中的“战斗J”!拥有了她,没有什么不可以,“训练大师特别版”---成就非一般的男人!                                
提 示:这两款在日本的价格要3000到5000日元,我们是从外贸厂家直接拿货,直接是成品,无包装的,也就是简单的PP袋装的哦。很多的男性朋友都意识到 自己恩爱的时间不够长,但却不知道原因....其实,时间短,最主要的成因在于龟头、冠状沟和阴茎体的敏感度太高,刺激一强就坚持不住,无奈的成了快枪 手。                                
3. 内部环纹两头也不同:一边比较宽松模仿阴道,一边比较紧致模仿肛门,结合后,弟弟推进时,一紧一松配合环纹通道,在jj推进过程中,整个环形内部被压得密 不透风,形成了强有力的挤压再加上环形劈强有力的磨擦,让全身都毛孔全部舒展开来,所有的感觉都汇聚到一点。                                
4. 口交刺激:随着进一步的深入,入口处的软刺将阴茎连根没入,在来回套弄间,更有一股小小的气流。像女郎的烈焰红唇吸允压迫阴茎让愉悦感进一步升级。而此时 此刻,您可以一个人静静的在属于您的世界闭上眼,去幻想、去感觉,让这种愉悦感传遍全身。                                
5. 一种器具三种功能:在不知不觉中起到物理锻炼增长爱爱时间并可提高自身的控精能力是延时药或者外用延时湿巾不可相比的。多次锻炼不断加强战斗能力可以终生 受益,而且对身体无任何伤害(动态图片:亲的宝贝清晰可见,满足部分帅哥窥视的欲望,入口处海葵状触须随着jj来回左右摇摆刺激,中间更可以自己亲手控 制,握手的力量,让紧实随心、随手,控制)                                
清 洗方法:
亲们可以直接用水冲,直到冲干净为止,一个指头插进去清洗(建议使用水溶性润滑,清洗更方便)洗好在轻轻甩几下,甩干水分,放通风处晾干;这款不 建议反过来清洗,内部比较紧实容易导致器具破裂,端口是可以翻开的。                                





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